Etruscan land. Volcanic land. A land of contrasts. Of strong colours and scents. Harsh land. Today, cozy.

Poggio al Tufo. Maremma.

The misterious Etruscan people dug evocative steep-walled paths into the tuff. The tuff-rich soil feeds the roots of the grapevines from which Poggio al Tufo wines are produced: Alicante, Rompicollo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Vermentino, as well as the wines from Doganella, Il Tintorosso and Il Cavaliere.

And, at the centre of the estate, the farm holiday resort Poggio al Tufo waits for you.

The right place to relax with a tour through the wines, the flavours and the colours of Carducci’s land. Amid the Macchiaioli’s brushstrokes. Ancient land. That Maremma that is still boiling at Saturnia thermal baths. That Maremma where boars rule and porcino mushrooms sit enthroned amid the chestnut groves.

A Maremma to taste. A Maremma to dream. Stay at Poggio al Tufo.

A travel in space and time

Sunny land. Carducci’s land. Land of herds and butteri. Popes’ land. County land. From Poggio al Tufo you can easily reach various world-wide known places. To really experienc history.


Surrounded by the deep maremma of herds and butteri, the local cowboys of maremma, Pitigliano gives the chance to observe a number of Etruscan findings: for example, you can visit the steep-wall roads dug into volcaninc rock and the findings of Etruscan settlement areas as, for instance, Poggio Buco and the Tomba della Regina (the Queen’s tomb).

During the 1200s, Pitigliano belonged to the Aldobrandeschi, a family of langobard origins whose name is linked to Pope Gregorius XVII. In 1312, the town became the centre of Pitigliano county under the Orsini, an ancient papal and princely family from Rome. A remarkable legacy of this period is the “Castello Orsini” (the Orsini’s castle).

Called “the little Jerusalem”, Pitigliano has also been for centuries the see of a Hebrew community, of which nowadays you can also visit the Hebrew graveyard and the Synagogue.

Saturnia and lake Bolsena

Located between Saturnia thermal baths and lake Bolsena, Poggio al Tufo is the ideal starting point for a visit to worldwide famous places.

Lake Bolsena is the larger volcanic lake in Europe. Both bating and motor boats are permitted, as well as, other sport activites as water skiing, windsurfing and fishing. As it lies at about 40 km from Poggio al Tufo, it can be easily reached by car in less than one hour.

Those who love spas, instead, can visit the thermal baths of Saturnia, a place known since ancient times for its waters. The spa, less than 30 km far from Poggio al Tufo, can be reached by car in about half an hour.

Don’t miss the surroundings! There is a lot of things to see around Poggio al Tufo. Besides various churches and the Archeological Park “Città del Tufo”, from our agritourism you can visit easily Pitigliano, with Palazzo degli Orsini (the Orsini’s palace), Manciano, with the Rocca Aldobrandesca (the Aldobrandi’s fortress), Sorano, with the Fortezza Orsini (the Orsini’s fortress) and Castell’Ottieri (the Ottieri’s Castle). Explore the ancient county.