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Maremma in sips

A long history of hospitality and wine. The links with the countryside. Tommasi Family’s Poggio al Tufo estates, in Pitigliano and Scansano. The Tuscan production and the production in Veneto. Poggio al Tufo and Maremma. Discover it here.

Ornella’s excellent food is matched with Tommasi wines.

A wine with a long history

At Poggio al Tufo, located in Tommasi’s vineyard estate, wines are guaranteed. With its long tradition of viticulture and winemaking in Veneto, where it has been producing wine for more than one hundred years, the company Tommasi Viticoltori from Verona has invested in Toscana since 1997 and in Apulia later.

Here’s why Poggio al Tufo offers you a rich wine list. Firstly, the Tuscan production from Poggio al Tufo and Doganella vineyard estates in Pitigliano and from the estate in Scansano: Rompicollo, Vermentino, Alicante, Tintorosso and Pitigliano wines, as well as the Tintorosso and the Cavaliere produced in the organic vineyards of Doganella. The selections is enriched by the wine production of the vineyards in Veneto and Apulia.

See here, the wine list.

Wine list

Poggio al Tufo
Alicante Igt Toscana
Rompicollo Igt Toscana
Cabernet Sauvignon Igt Toscana
Vermentino Igt Toscana

Doganella Bio
Il Cavaliere Toscana Igt Bio
Il Tintorosso Toscana Igt Bio

Tommasi Viticoltori
Amarone Classico della Valpolicella Docg
Ripasso Valpolicella Classico Superiore Doc
Rafaèl Valpolicella Classico Superiore Doc
Fiorato Recioto d. Valpolicella Classico Docg
Monte Croce Passito Bianco Igt
Grappa di Amarone e di Recioto al bicchiere

Filodora Prosecco Brut Doc