The breakfast

At Poggio al Tufo, when you rise, you eat happy, healthy and wise

Fragrances and flavours merge according to the rhythm of nature. Maremma welcomes you from the very moment in which you wake up. Open your eyes, enjoy the aroma! I’ve made this for you.

A cozy awakening

Waking up in the hush of the countryside, with a cozy, fragrant home-made breakfast. Cakes and traditional sweets, prepared by Ms. Ornella to pamper you when you open your eyes. To offer you a genuine Maremma life experience since morning and wake up your senses with fragrances and flavours prepared for you.

The tastes of awakening

The buffet breakfast at Poggio al Tufo offers a wide choice of sweet and savoury food, to be complemented with a warm coffee or fresh fruit juice. The breakfast menu, home made and prepared with local produce from the surroundings of Pitigliano, includes cakes with chocolate or jam, as well as a number of local cheeses and cold cuts.